Friday, August 14, 2015

Poker Staking Forums

Poker Staking Forums

What are they?

Poker Staking Forums are for Poker Players and Poker Backers to be able to connect. A Poker Player may need help and funding as a player. Nothing wrong with this at all, even Professional Poker Players sell Shares of the Winnings to Investors for Major Tournaments. It is something that Investors want to do for several reasons.

Poker Staking Forums are able to bring the player in and help them match up with Poker Backers that will meet their needs. 

I started my own Poker Staking Forum to help Members find the Resources for funding their Poker accounts. It is available to the public to view, but is run by the members that can post and comment. I have added lots of interesting boards to help the beginner to the pro.

There are sections for 

And many more sections and articles added daily to help the common Poker Player Build on his/her Skills. I want to be able to provide something of value for Poker Players that will guide them and help them on the road to becoming the Next WSOP Champion,